Adding YouTube walk-around videos

The easiest way to add YouTube walk around videos is with our iPhone or Android mobile app. Just search "" in either the App Store or Google Play store. Download and install the app, and then log into the app with the same email address and password as your website admin. When you log in and see your inventory list, you will see a button to "Add Video".

However, you must first authorize your YouTube channel or page:

In your website admin, just go to Settings / Preferences in the left side admin and scroll to Social Settings (about 1/4 down the page). Where it says "Youtube Authorization", just click "Authenticate with Youtube" and follow the prompts. Make sure to give the app all permissions and be sure to select the page or channel you want to post to with the dropdown menu and save.

Now, when you add a video with the app, it will add the video to both your YouTube channel and your vehicle inventory pages as the same time.

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