Build your initial website

When you first sign up for an account, a welcome email will be sent to you.

Just copy the Temporary password to your clipboard, click the Admin Login link, and then log into the admin with the email address you signed up with and the password.

You can bookmark the login page for future reference. Once you log into the admin, you can also go to Settings / Password to set a new login password.

Once you log into the admin, you will be prompted to build your first site.

Just click the "Create Your New Site" button and you will be prompted to pick a template as a starting point. When you hover over a template, you can either preview or select the template. When you preview, you will notice that this is a complete website. By selecting the template, you are basically going to be copying the entire website including About Us, Contact, Form pages, Inventory pages and more. This is just a starting point as you can decide to eliminate pages, add custom pages, change the logo and color scheme, etc.

Once you select a theme, you will see a thumbnail image of the selected theme. You will need to add a site name (subdomain). This is used for the site build and should be lowercase only, with only letters or numbers and no spaces or special characters. You will be able to set a custom domain later. Once you have added a subdomain, click the "Create New Site" button.

You will then be redirected to the dashboard where you can preview your website. Or click "Edit" to launch the Site Builder.

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