Setting up your custom domain name

If you have not already registered a domain name, our recommendation is to go to and search for an available domain. A .com domain is always preferred, followed by .net. If the domain you are looking for is not available, try adding your State abbreviation, online or some other version of if keeping it as short as possible. For instance, or You do not need any hosting, just the domain. Registration should be no more than maybe $15.00 per year or less. We can alternatively register a domain for you and the cost is $20.00 per year. But a domain is really intellectual property that every dealer should own and control.

To set up a custom domain name with your website, please email us at We need to carefully setup your domain name / DNS. This can include 301 redirects for an existing site, copying email (MX) records, etc. Please include your dealership name, website domain name, and whether or not you are currently using custom email addresses, for example We will then send you detailed instructions. You can also just email the login to you registrar account and we can make the necessary changes for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 888-321-8467.

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