Craigslist Posting Tool

The Craigslist posting tool for is designed to allow the most formatting options allowed by Craigslist and the most simplified, automated method of posting your vehicle ads, without any typing or cutting and pasting text.

Most of the steps below are only required the first time you are posting an ad.

To set up your Craigslist ad posting tool, click "Settings", and then "Preferences"

Scroll down to the "Craigslist" section near the bottom of the page

Click "Add new record"

You can alternatively edit any existing posting categories, or delete them from the Edit and Delete buttons

In the pop up form, add a description. This will be used in a dropdown menu when posting

Choose a "Category", "State", "City", and "Area". Please note that Area is not always available

When finished, click the "Update" button


In the same Settings / Preferences page, scroll up to the "Disclaimer" section

Here you can check the box to show a disclaimer on your Craigslist ads. Edit as necessary.

the same Settings / Preferences page, scroll to the "Watermarks" section

To add your image watermark to your Craigslist photos, be sure to check "Show on classified site exports

Click the "Save Changes" button at the top of the Settings / Preferences page

Log into your Craigslist account on a separate tab

You do not have to stay on your Craigslist page, but make sure you are logged into your Craigslist account with the same browser your are using for your admin.

In your admin, click "Imports and Exports", then click "Craigslist"

The Craigslist ad posting tool with launch

In the vehicle list, select (check) the vehicles you want to create ads for

Note: This step is for downloading photos for the specific vehicles. Craigslist no longer allows "embedded" images in ads. The photos will also include any watermarks enabled for Craigslist in Settings / Preferences. Craigslist only allows minimal formatting with black text on ads. So, it is important to brand your photos with frames and logos so that your ad stands out. This is especially important for when Craigslist users browse ads in Gallery view.

Click "Download selected vehicle photos"

Note: Depending on how many vehicles you selected, it might take a couple of minutes to download the photos. Please be sure to save the zipped image file to a location on your computer that you can remember to browse to, such as your "desktop". The zipped (compressed) image file will then need to be clicked on in order to "unzip". The vehicle photos will each be in their own subfolder, labeled by stock number.

Once the folder is unzipped, you can then view the folder structure

To the right of the first vehicle you want to post an ad for, click the "menu" icon

The click "Create new ad"

At the top of the page, click "Edit HTML Header"

The Header text editor will open

Edit your "Header" text. This is a global setting and will be used on all of your ads.

This Header area will appear at the top of all of your Craigslist ads but can be edited at any time. Use this field for general information about your dealership that you do not want to type each time. It is also a great way to further brand your dealership. Click "Save Changes when done.

Click the "Edit HTML Footer" button

This Footer area will appear at the bottom of all of your Craigslist ads but can be edited at any time. Use this field for general information about your dealership that you do not want to type each time. The Footer area is a great place to add Contact information, Store Hours, etc.. Click "Save Changes when done.

To size the text (for both Header and Footer, use the Paragraph Formatting option to select the "Heading" size

Again, editing the Header and Footer is usually a one time step unless you ever need to edit the text. That can be done anytime while creating an ad.

Select a "Posting Location". This dropdown menu is populated from the Craigslist section of the Settings / Preferences page as set up earlier (above)

Review and edit any fields as necessary, them click "Submit to Craigslist"

The Craigslist posting page will then launch. If it does not, you probably need to "allow popups" on your browser. For browser specific instructions for allowing popups, see:

seattle | create posting

You might see an error message about missing fields. If this is the case, just add any required fields as necessary. You can also add additional fields that are not required as well, depending on your preference

Once any required fields not preselected are added, click "Continue"

Click the "Edit Images" button

Click the "Add Images" button.

Browse to your download Craigslist Images folder, and then the specific vehicle photos

Note: you can select the first image, hold your :Shift" button, then select the last to add multiple images at ne time. When all photos are added, click "Done with Images"

Review your add and if okay, click "Publish"

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