Changing the default logo

When you select a theme / pre-built layout as a starting point, the site will include an example logo matching the initial color scheme. Both can be changed.

It might be a good idea to determine the color scheme you would like on your website before swapping the logo. If you need to match a specific color on your logo with the highlight color of your website, we can help with that as well. Please feel free to email your logo to There is no charge, even during a trial. Just let us know what highlight color you are wanting to match, and whether you want to use dark background pages or light. There are also some headers that are dark that work on a light background as well. Also, we offer free logo design with any paid account.

Assuming you picked a color scheme that matches your logo, it is usually best to upload a logo as a transparent PNG file with transparency. Again, if your logo does not have the background removed and / or does not look great when you upload it, just email it to us and we are glad to help. It is recommended that the logo have a max width of 800 pixels to keep page load times quick.

To upload a logo, just login into your website admin, and click "Edit Site" to launch the Page Builder.

One the Page Builder launches, just click on the existing logo.

On the left side, you will see a logo configurator. Hover over the logo on the left until you see the text link labeled "Replace". then click the link.

The Image Browser will then launch. Click on the "Upload Image" button to then launch your computer's file browser and add the logo from where it is stored on your computer.

Once the logo has uploaded, you will then see it in the file browser at the top left

You will then see the logo on your website. If you have not already done so, be sure to pick a color scheme to match. Changing color schemes is covered in the next tutorial but basically you can try different color schemes by clicking the "Color Schemes" button at the top left of the Page Builder. You will also wan to click "Save" button at the top right of the Page Builder, and to see your changes on the live website, just click the 'Publish"  button after saving.

You can then adjust the logo by using the "Logo Width" slider and adjust the top and bottom padding (space above and below the logo) as well. Be sure to check the logo in the Mobile Preview. The width might need to be adjusted so as not to interfere with the mobile menu ("hamburger") icon.

Be sure to click "Apply Changes" again on the bottom of the logo config on the left side. And be sure to Save and Publish the page if you are happy with the results.

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