Preview, Save and Publish


There are several ways in which you can preview your site. 

First, you can preview your current saved website (draft) directly from your dashboard. To do so, on the Account Dashboard, click the preview site changes option under the Manage section of the website, you want to preview. Please note that these can include unsaved changes. 

You can also view the Published website live in public by clicking the view public site option. After saving your changes on your website, you will always need to click the Publish button to finalize your website changes.

Also, when editing your website, you can also preview the site before saving or publishing it live. 

To do so anytime while editing, just click the Preview Page option in the topmost bar to preview the changes made to the specific page.  

Note: Links to other pages will not function properly in the preview as you can only preview a single page at once.

Further, you can also preview your site as a whole. Click the Preview Site option in the topmost bar to preview the site and the site will be displayed.


3.  Once any changes are complete, just click the Save option in the topmost bar and the changes will be saved.


4.  You can also publish your site by clicking the Publish option and your website will be published. The website must be Published to push all saved changes to your live website and custom domain name.

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