Editing Page Title and Description

The title and description of a web page are the essential elements of a web page that are useful to both users and search engines. The title of a page shows what the page is exactly about and the title is shown in some search engine result pages. The description of a page might also be used by search engines to determine the relevancy of a page. Updating the title and description of a page allows you to keep your site optimized for search engines.

DealerWebsite allows you to edit the title and description of pages. To do so, on the Account Dashboard, click edit site option under the Manage section of the website, to which you want to add a new page. 

The preview of your website will be displayed. By default, you will be on the Home page. 

Navigate to the page for which you to edit the page title and description from the Pages scroller in the topmost bar. In the following example, the page is being changed to About. 

Click the settings icon in the topmost bar. The Page Settings dialog will be displayed.

You can edit the page title and description in the Page Settings dialog. Edit the values of those fields and click Save Page. The page settings will be updated.

Finally preview your changes, once you are satisfied with the changes, save them and then publish your website.

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