Creating New Pages

Your website can have any number of pages, which means more content, which in turn means more user engagement. allows you to add as many pages to your site as you want. To do so, on the Account Dashboard, click edit site option under Manage section of the website, to which you want to add a new page. 

The preview of your website will be displayed. By default, you will be on the Home page. 

Click the + add new page option from the Pages scroller in the topmost bar. The Create New Page dialog will be displayed.

Enter the required values for the fields and then click the Save Page button. The fields for creating a new page are explained below:

page name - The name of the page will be used internally. It will be used to identify the page for editing.

page url - must consist of only lower case letters and the URL must not contain any spaces.

page title - must be unique for each page. 

page description - must be unique for each page.

Note: If you do not want the page to be visible on your website, do not check the box for Visible field.

The new page will be added to your website. After you have added a new page, the next task is to add content to your new page. 

Select the new page from the Pages dropdown menu in the topmost bar. The new page will be displayed. Add the page sections as per your needs from the Expandable Menu on the left. To customize the page sections, refer to Editing Page Text and Images.

Your next task is to add the newly created page to the site menu. To do so, refer to Editing the Navigation Menu.

After you have finalized the content of the new page, preview the page, save the changes, and publish your website.

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