Adding and Deleting Page Sections

Each page on a website built with is divided into many sections, with several options for adding and deleting them on your site. There are many types of sections with different styles that you can choose to add to your site, including an assortment of headers, footers, menu bars, forms, and many more. You can also place a section in one or more locations on a webpage

Start by opening the Account Dashboard and clicking the edit site option under Manage section of the website where you want to add or delete a section.

A live preview of your website will be displayed. By default, you will be on the Home page.

Open the Section Menu on the left by clicking the arrow icon on the top left:.

A list of the various types of sections is now shown in the left side-bar.

Clicking on one of the section types opens another listing where you can view the different styles we offer for that particular section (Footings in this example):

Feel free to explore the styles we offer for other types of sections, such as Page intros, Menu Bars, etc.  You can view additional styles by using the scroll bar on the right.

In this example, a new footer style will be added to our website. We'll be using a "drag-and drop" method. First scroll down to the footer area where you'll be adding the footer.

Then place the cursor over the style you want and hold the left click button down. As you drag this footer section over to the website area, a space will open automatically where you can drop it. You can drag the section up or down as needed to make sure you have the right location.

Here you can see the new footing section placed above the old footer. If this is acceptable, you can go ahead and delete the old footer by hovering the cursor over the gear icon on the right of it, and then clicking the red trash can icon. 

Note that other icons open up also with the gear icon that allow you to (in order from left to right) edit properties of the footer, move footer up of down relative to the webpage, and switch to a HTML code display. Feel free to explore these different features.

You will need to replace the default text for the footer with your own customized text. To do this, just click on the text you want to change, and this will open a Property Editor for on the left where you can apply changes. This is covered in the tutorial on "How to edit your page text". Make sure you click Apply Changes before leaving a Property Editor.

Once you are satisfied with the new footer, click Save, and then Publish to update the entire website and open it for preview. Note that this will change the footer for all pages on the website.

Also note that most of the section items in the list will only apply to the current page you are editing. such as 'Page Intro' and 'More Info'. The only ones that will apply to all pages are Headers and Footers.

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